Courtney has been in the beauty industry for 4+ years. She loves doing haircuts and colour for the whole family. She loves the fact that Barber Salon is super friendly and makes her feel like family!


Cindy has been doing haircuts for 34 years and 29 of those years have been with The Barber Centre! She is very grateful for her co-workers, which are like family, and her clients that she loves so much! Her favorite thing about her job is her serenity.


Chris has 30 years of hair styling experience. He says it is very personal making them feel and look their best. He says the salon is friendly and inviting and everyone feels like family.


Becky has been a licensed Cosmetologist for 39 years. She has been at The Barber Centre for 29 years and loves it here and calls it home! She has heard it said that "If you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life!" That is so true for her!


Amy has been at the Barber Centre for 24 years and loves what she does and loves serving her customers. She recommends the Barber Salon because it feels like home. And there's no place like home.


Catherine has been at the Barber Centre for 27 years. People ask her all the time, "What is your favorite part of your job?" She says everything! She enjoys her work family and all her clients. She feels like everyone does a great job and they are all like family to her.


Olivia has 3+ years of hairstyling experience. She has an amazing friendly rapport with clients and really knows her stuff when it comes to hair and cosmetology! She loves working with all her clients and is in high demand as well!


Angel is the owner of The Barber Centre and Salon. She has been in business for 29 years! She says that God has blessed her with the talent to train and understand her job so that she can make clients look fabulous! She loves to be with people and make them look beautiful or handsome!